Friday, 4 March 2016


Hey guys im back with another review :)
Nothing skin care related just make up !
Now I adore this pencil I have to say. Now as soon as I was aware that this pencil even existed as a product and big fan of soap and glory I headed straight to my local boots store and ever since purchasing it I keep going back !!
Being someone who has always had quite thin and fine hairs after using this pencil I no longer felt it.

What I like about it ?
  • It gives amazing coverage
  • Very satisfying after use
  • Can be applied really quickly it takes me less that 3 minutes !!
  • My best satisfaction from this pencil is that with one use it lasts throughout the day and your eyebrows stay filled.
  • Affordable
Why would I recommend it ?

Well the reason I am so in love with the pencil is because of how natural it is so if your someone like me and loves the look of natural looking make up this pencil is for you ! Not only that if your someone with little time in the morning to apply makeup this would definitely be the pencil for you.

How much does it cost?
Again same as the other review it costs around £10 however at the moment it is on offer at boots for £8.00.

link -

Before ending this review I would just like to say all opinions are my own and I was not sponsored in any way, they are just my thoughts on this pencil because I have been loving it recently.


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