Friday, 16 December 2016

5 ways to wind down after work

Whether your a student, employer, staff member or a stay at home parent. Work is Work and we all need to wind down. Sometimes this can be quite difficult and here are 5 tips on how to wind down after work:

1. Ban your social media for the evening!
Is it a challenge?      Yes consider it. Be realistic we are controlled by binge watching our favourite shows and scrolling non stop. Put it away and relax!

2. Pamper Pamper Pamper
Sometimes we just need time to our selves, get out your best face mask and pop on your favourite playlist. I feel this strategy of mine allows me to wind down having little concentration and awareness to what is around me and allows me to clear anything on my mind.

3.Bath !!
Now who does not enjoy a long soak. Personally for me the Radox products are great!!
I have previously shared my favourite one. It instantly prepares me to snooze so why would I not take the opportunity.

4. Get outdoors
Nature fixes everything. I often find the days where I am most stressed out. Having a walk and going to the park just let's me take some time to appreciate the scenery.

5.  Pen and paper
Getting out a pen and paper and expressing my thoughts is a way that I find I am able to most effectively wind down. Write out all my feeling's and prepare the next day through writing lists and having a clear weekly schedule.

Try them - they all work for me and sometimes we just need time to reflect as life is so fast pace. Keep going Keep your head held high and stay calm.    X

Tips For Skin Care In Winter

Winter Weather can lead to many problems or issues with the skin. Not only with your face but your hands and feet often become affected. Here are my top five tips -  tried and tested for the best skin throughout the winter months.

1. How much your drink ?
Often in the winter months we come away from our daily goals of keeping hydrated drinking water and tend to rely on hot drinks. Don't get me wrong they are irresistible the hot chocolate's and tea's.
In order to become refreshed lemon and a some Luke warm water can do a great job towards keeping you hydrated.

2. Moisturising your skin whilst you sleep ?
Puzzled yes I bet you are. Using Vaseline and even your most suitable hand cream to your skin type and I mean drowning your skin in the substance - be prepared to wake up in the morning and have the most softest skin prepared for the chilly morning ahead. Need ideas on what to use ?- A lotion, cream and oils also.

3. Exfoliate - Your face and if your like me and it's necessary your lips
Have a wander around the shops and find a exfoliating mask. Use this on your face and await for the result :)

4. Similarly if your now thinking you have dry skin and this is not suitable for you then wait right there. It would not be good for your skin to use masks and you may consider alternatives such as Bio oil and Coconut oil. These are great for all the body. I also have blog posts on both where you can choose which you would want to give a try.

5. Dress appropriately !
Keep in mind its chilly outside : )
Purchase your necessities-A pair of gloves, a scarf and a coat. I have also posted a blog post on my favourite coats if you want to check that out for inspiration.

Keep warm lovelies and enjoy the winter !

Thursday, 15 December 2016

My Favourite Coats 2016 winter

Hey guys as winter is like literally half way gone and always been hear as of British weather. I have been searching for the most ideal coat suited for me I came to some of my favourite and thought I would share them with you. Here are my top 3:

<a href=";pid=uid3689-37561133-50">Women&#39;s Burberry Gibbsmoore Funnel Collar Trench Coat by Burberry</a

<a href=";pid=uid3689-37561133-50">Women&#39;s Ayr &#39;The Robe&#39; Camel Hair Maxi Coat by Nordstrom</a>

<a href=";pid=uid3689-37561133-50">Theory - Oaklane Brushed Wool And Cashmere-blend Coat - Gray by Theory</a>

Yes very stylish I agree!!
I will be uploading much more frequently now up until the run to Christmas and New year !
Look out for some hauls, reviews- for make ups, skin care, household products and much more festive DIY's!!

Until next time keep happy and festive !!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Product of the week!! 2. Radox sleep easy bath product

Product of the week !!

 After my pamper session I love to have a long bath soak and this Radox sleep easy bath product is something that is a win win situation for me - it has a gorgeous smell and is ever so relaxing so if you would like to end your pamper session relaxed and calmly give it a go . This has to be my product of the week as I am in love !!!!

You can buy it here on amazon if you would like to give it a go -

<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//">

*Disclaimer - This is not sponsored or influenced by Radox this is just my opinion and as said fav product of the week that I just wanted to give some recognition to as it is what  have been enjoying ! :)

10 uses of coconut oil !! - quick and easy (and benefits)

Here are 10 quick, helpful uses of coconut oil. As you may or may not be aware I have a thing for oils and every oil that I can see a benefit out of I love to use coconut oil is also one of my faves alongside bio oil however coconut oil has a lot more uses here are just 10 that I use but there are many more !!!!!
1.  In your cooking, it can be used as a great oil and brilliant for energy.
2. As a moisturiser before bed/stress-free makeup remover.
3. To lighten or prevent stretch marks.
4. To prevent chapped lips or just to soften them in the early morning cold if you like to walk around that time or just seem to have chapped lips often.
5. To help sooth irritating spots or chicken pox.
6. A natural deodorant leaving you smelling great all day in the summer.
7. Reduces and settles acne if used regularly or often.
8. Great for speeding up weight loss.
9. It is a great sweetener - alternative to sugar!!
10. And awesome for nail and cuticle care .

Friday, 27 May 2016

Sorry !!!!!

Firstly I would like to start of by saying sorry before I make any promises . I have had some important exams over the last two months, that would explain the lack of blog posts going up on my blog. But I can now promise you daily reviews on products that I have been using over the last two months one benefit that this time of has given me is that I have had tons of time stressing however a good amount where I could test out products which I will be reviewing.

What can you expect from me ?
  • Daily blog posts .
  • Then weekly blog posts :(  - including products of the week/ beauty product reviews/ lifestyle and food . I am now intended to bring a whole range of reviews of products in my life that are used on a daily basis or upon a new purchase :)
  • I will also be uploading some lifestyle blog posts
  • Be expecting some top 5's top 10's and top 50's - I cant tell you what they will be stay tuned to find out :)
Thank you for staying - your first of your commitments from me will start today !!!!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Mothers day Gift guide 2016

Hey guys here I am sharing with you my top and best recommendations for mothers day shopping and help for any gifts ideas . Sorry there wont be much talking from me today just 5 faves :)
This is not ranked in order

1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb 50ml Eau de Parfum Gift Set

2.Clarks MYSTIC DREAMS Handbag grey -  £32

3.Elene Sequin Top Double Layer Skater Dress - Only £10

4. Burgmeister Women's SBM106-242 Berlin Oversized Sunglasses -£70.03

5.Jacob Jones Coin Tray, Khaki -         Only £19 now that's a bargain she will love :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post there a few pricy and a few that are reasonable prices I tried to choose gifts that would be appropriate for mums with different styles :)