Saturday, 8 July 2017


Hey all im back!!!
Now perfume is something very dear to me! I love smelling nice and thought i would start a blog post where every month i am able to share a couple of perfumes from my gigantic collection. Yes i am really guilty of buying perfumes all the time :)
Here are a few that i love and will be doing detailed reviews on them over the next few weeks:

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Lacoste Touch Of Pink EDT Spray (Ladies 90ml)

Here is my literal fave scent this month. It is gorgeous and i will be reviewing this over the next week.

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Here is the second this is lovely.

3. Last but not least something a little in the budget that has a gorgeous scent and great for on the go

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Monday, 3 July 2017


I often find myself returning to simple products after a breakout and they literally are simple for my skin. My skin type is dry/sensitive. Both the lotion and toner go together however on this occasion I will be solely reviewing the lotion on its own as a product and not both of them jointly, however, I do when using the lotion follow it by using the toner. 

I found that when removing makeup it did the job for me. I lightly apply some on a cotton bud and gently remove the makeup from my face including my eye area in a circular motion. The lotion itself is as expected blotchy upon squirting out of the bottle however very smooth upon applying. Once on my skin, I felt it left an oily texture and took a while to dry after I had removed the makeup. 

The packaging of the product is quite sturdy and the sizing is great for when I am travelling and when I am at home to just leave on the bedside table. 

It also has a very light scent which is a very win-win situation for a product for me as I do like scents however with a makeup remover the least amount of scent is what I prefer. 

What do I like about the lotion?

  • After a week of using the lotion, i noticed a difference in the way my skin looks and feels 
  • It worked well on my blemishes
  • It removed makeup upon gentle movements with a cotton bud 
  • Light or little to no scent in the lotion 
  • Skin felt hydrated for longer
  • Great to remove makeup on sensitive areas such as the eye area
  • Cheap and very easily available 
  • Long lasting as I only used a grape size amount and after a week still, have over half a bottle remaining of the lotion 
What did I not like about the lotion?

  • Sometimes I felt it was left on my skin for too long making it feel oily and also making my skin look oily or wet due to the consistency
  • When applying it in the morning I had to wait around 5 or 10 minutes before applying my makeup again for the day as otherwise, it would just come off from my skin 
The cost of the lotion?

The cost of the lotions is between £1.50 and £3.00 depending on where you purchase it. This for me was GREAT!!! 
I love finding products that work for my skin and are cheap. 

Where to buy?     

Here are some links to stores that you can buy the lotion and read a little about them:




For me, I loved the simple lotion and toner and it is great for my home days however due to it taking some time to dry on my skin it is not too good on those workdays where I need to be super fast in moisturising my face and putting make up on therefore I find myself mostly using both the lotion and the toner on weekends. 

*Disclaimer - This is not sponsored, influenced nor has anything been sent to me, this is just my opinion on the lotion as I have been testing it over the last week. 


Tuesday, 27 June 2017


I would like to begin by explaining that for the last couple of months I have been experimenting with a range of foundations. Going from trying one brand to the next and from high end to low end. Despite having many that were unsuccessful for me I decided I will try to review every single one with my opinions. Today's foundation review is on the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation the shade I bought was no53.

The foundation is in a neat and slender tube and is very lightweight which is beneficial when you’re on the move and have to put everything into a small makeup bag therefore with this in consideration the packaging was ideal for a busy body like myself. Also, the clear difference between the foundation and the foundation serum is that the foundation serum is thinner in consistency and can be built up easily. This was an important factor as it means I can bring focus onto areas such as under my eyes and my checks through building up the consistency and finding that I had more coverage, however, was using more of the foundation. At the time I couldn’t figure our whether this was a good thing or a bad.

Once the foundation was applied it dried and left a glow and my skin did not appear to be greasy. The foundation itself was ideal for work days and days where I was going for a minimal or simple makeup look.

The downfall for me on repurchasing the foundation was the fact that it was thin because I felt it did not cover blemishes, redness or spots very well so I found myself applying more and more just to cover simple areas of my skin. It also lead me to buy the bottles more frequently as I was using up more of the foundation.

Another thing I noticed with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation was that it did not remain applied to my skin by the end of the day. On the foundation itself, it claims a 16 hours radiance boosting, revived completion. The longest I felt the foundation would be visible on my skin was for around 6 to 7 hours before my skin appearing to have little to no foundation.

What do I like about the foundation?

·         Lightweight packaging and slim packaging which meant it was easy to take around.

·         Lightweight consistency upon application but this was also a negative aspect of it.

·         Easy to apply.

·         It was not greasy and left a natural and simple application look.

What did I not like about the foundation?

·         Poor coverage of foundation on skin.

·         Thinner consistency which meant I was using more of the foundation.

·         Only lasted a few hours and left me looking quite unprofessional on some workdays due to the unevenness of the foundation on my skin after a couple of hours.

The cost of the foundation?

The foundation can be bought from many drugstores and costs between £8 and £11 pound depending on the store of purchase. The pricing was one thing that initially brought me to the interest of the foundation as it is cheap.

Where to buy?

Here are some links to stores that you can buy the foundation and read a little about them:

For me, the foundation was okay however not what I was looking for entirely which meant that my journey continued to find the right foundation and further reviews on those will also be on my blog soon.

*Disclaimer - This is not sponsored, influenced or sent to me, this is just my opinion on the foundation as I have been testing many over the last couple of months.

…Naf Reviews…

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Being busy and having minimum time to spend on pampering myself and I often give little notice into trying to find the best brands. But on the search for quality reviews here is where our journey begins.

Today I will be reviewing the BOTANY hand treatment lotion orange blossom. I initially received this hand lotion in a gift set. However have to say it is one of a kind.

Now about the product itself it is quite a light lotion and was easily spread around the palm of my hand, however I did find that it was greasy upon application for a little while.
I used the product itself for around 2 weeks to judge its effectiveness and found that areas of my skin had become more moist and less crackled. There was not a dramatic change of how I would have wished to use as that is what I am on the search for however it was worthwhile and did the job.

What I liked about the hand lotion ?
  • The biggest factor was the scent as I feel that scent is a big thing that  value, and I did find that this lotion was one where you didn't really have to wear a perfume as the scent is the lotion is powerful.
  • It had a soft feather like texture upon applying.
  • It spread quickly upon both palms.
  • The packaging was great (very cute) I feel it was more suitable than a bottle and very easy to apply.

The downsides of the product ?
  • When applying the lotion it remained on my hand and left them quite greasy.

Therefore overall it was an effective lotion and kept my skin hydrated over the two weeks however I found myself hesitating to put it on during the day where I needed it due to how greasy it was and more often applying it just once in the morning and evening. So I find myself still on the search for a good lotion.

...Naf Reviews...

Friday, 23 June 2017


Hey all welcome to Naf reviews !
Its great to see you here. As you may have noticed I have deleted my previous blog posts since 2015 as I just want to start again. I know some bloggers would be like no way!!
All that time but I wanted a fresh start and I am starting by explaining the purpose of this blog:
On an urge to find good quality family reviews we decided to make our own blog giving quality reviews on products we love as well as new products we are willing to try.
We will also share ourselves in this journey being a family of seven ranging from adults to a 1 year old. A great variety we are and packed full of madness. Join US on our journey and our adventure TODAY :)

Want to stalk us ?
We have now set up an Instagram account head over and check it out

What can you expect?
Regular reviews
Topics we wish to write about
And a bit of everything


Sunday, 29 May 2016


Product of the week !!

After my pamper session I love to have a long bath soak and this Radox sleep easy bath product is something that is a win win situation for me - it has a gorgeous smell and is ever so relaxing so if you would like to end your pamper session relaxed and calmly give it a go . This has to be my product of the week as I am in love !!!!

You can buy it here on amazon if you would like to give it a go -

<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//">

*Disclaimer - This is not sponsored or influenced by Radox this is just my opinion and as said fav product of the week that I just wanted to give some recognition to as it is what  have been enjoying ! :)


Here are 10 quick, helpful uses of coconut oil. As you may or may not be aware I have a thing for oils and every oil that I can see a benefit out of I love to use coconut oil is also one of my faves alongside bio oil however coconut oil has a lot more uses here are just 10 that I use but there are many more !!!!!
1.  In your cooking, it can be used as a great oil and brilliant for energy.
2. As a moisturiser before bed/stress-free makeup remover.
3. To lighten or prevent stretch marks.
4. To prevent chapped lips or just to soften them in the early morning cold if you like to walk around that time or just seem to have chapped lips often.
5. To help sooth irritating spots or chicken pox.
6. A natural deodorant leaving you smelling great all day in the summer.
7. Reduces and settles acne if used regularly or often.
8. Great for speeding up weight loss.
9. It is a great sweetener - alternative to sugar!!
10. And awesome for nail and cuticle care .

Friday, 4 March 2016


Hey guys im back with another review :)
Nothing skin care related just make up !
Now I adore this pencil I have to say. Now as soon as I was aware that this pencil even existed as a product and big fan of soap and glory I headed straight to my local boots store and ever since purchasing it I keep going back !!
Being someone who has always had quite thin and fine hairs after using this pencil I no longer felt it.

What I like about it ?
  • It gives amazing coverage
  • Very satisfying after use
  • Can be applied really quickly it takes me less that 3 minutes !!
  • My best satisfaction from this pencil is that with one use it lasts throughout the day and your eyebrows stay filled.
  • Affordable
Why would I recommend it ?

Well the reason I am so in love with the pencil is because of how natural it is so if your someone like me and loves the look of natural looking make up this pencil is for you ! Not only that if your someone with little time in the morning to apply makeup this would definitely be the pencil for you.

How much does it cost?
Again same as the other review it costs around £10 however at the moment it is on offer at boots for £8.00.

link -

Before ending this review I would just like to say all opinions are my own and I was not sponsored in any way, they are just my thoughts on this pencil because I have been loving it recently.

Saturday, 13 February 2016


Do you have little ones?    
If yes head over on to my YouTube channel where they can watch weekly videos of surprise eggs and toys videos .
I will also be uploading videos of Easter gift sets frozen and Spiderman gift sets !
one for the girls and one for the boys!
Hope you enjoy :)
Link -


Today my review will be a family review!!!
I've been waiting ages for this - as I have not been able to review anything that is something for the whole family. Christmas time is family time in our household and what can be any more better than a nice hot chocolate and some crafts to make with the kids. With older and younger kids I noticed that this was a great activity for kids of all ages . Teenager to toddler worked for all the kids !
The crafts we made included -
  • A snowman mosaic coaster kit (pack of 6)
  • Snowflake glitter wands kit (pack of 4)
  • Christmas stocking sewing kits (pack of 3)
  • penguin gift bag kits (pack of 4 )
  • Christmas pom pom decoration kits (pack of 3 )
  • Christmas owl sequin decoration kits (pack of 3 )
  • Reindeer handprint crown kits (pack of 4 )
All these products can be bought on the Baker ross website -
You can but their Christmas craft kits and also check out their others they have a sale on right now !!

The first Craft the little ones were excited in making were the wands . They took around 10 to 15 minutes to make and were really fun !!!

We then went on to make the reindeer handprint crown kits. This is where my toddler became very engaged with what we were doing . He still wont put down his crown , at least he's kept busy :) .

These are the crafts we have made up to Christmas and are keeping to make the other crafts with our little ones friends on their Christmas party. To keep all the party guests happy and to give them a little something to take back .

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Whenever it comes to Nivea I always just think my life! They are product that I have always used well to be fair I have just used their crème my whole life and never really looked into trying their other products now I have there's no going back !
I have received three of their products.
I know that they are always improving their ranges but just wasn't aware of their cleansing wipes. With  me I am just purely lazy I just need any excuse to just get into bed without the effort of removing my make up . After one use of a wipe I was addicted they are so quick and effective when removing make up. The wipes are suitable for all skin types and as said by Nivea it cleanses, tones and hydrates, removes make up and mascara and is suitable for all skin types .This was essential for me as I have quite sensitive eyes .I usually tend to just use home branded wipes or anything cheap that I can get my hands on that isn't pricey and niveas wipes have totally satisfied me
what I like about the wipes?
  • Easy and quick to remove make up
  • They only cost around £3 for 25 wipes (totally worth the price)
  • They cleanse and refresh your skin ( great for an early start in the morning)
At the end of a long day they give you no hassle and no problems .If your like me trying to find a quick way to remove make up and very lazy try them out for yourself. You can find out more information on Nivea's website

Nivea Sensitive Cleansing milk

I am totally loving the Nivea sensitive cleansing milk. It does an amazing job at removing all my non waterproof make up .As I have sensitive eyes I feel like it has a gentle approach and is kindly satisfying. Just like the wipes I wasn't really aware of the cleansing milk. It has a normal Nivea product smell which is ok as sometimes the smell of a product can change the way you feel about it. Most cleansing milks can cause stinginess around the eyes which can be quite annoying when you are after a fast way of removing make up but I felt no stinginess around the eyes. Despite removing my make up it gave made my skin soft and kept it quite hydrated.
What I like about the cleansing milk ?
  • Subtle Nivea smell
  • Cleanses easily
  • Quickly effective
  • Hydrates and smoothens skin
  • Its affordable !
Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm

The last product I will be reviewing is the Nivea soft rose lip balm. Firstly I quite like the packaging of the lip balm it is small cute and can easily fit in a pocket in my bag. The smell is quite subtle and sweet and is ideal for anyone I would say even those with a sensitive nose. It is quite smooth and flawy to apply to your lips and gives a light pink sheen .If you are someone like me who doesn't really suit a dark lip or it just going for a neutral lip look I would totally recommend it

What I like about the lip balm ?
  • Effective for chapped lips
  • Small cute packaging
  • Neutral smell
  • Subtle sheen
  • Amazing for lip balm lovers

Overall I was happy with all the Nivea products they are easily available suitable for all skin types from my point of view I think everyone should use them and they are totally worth the price however everyone is entitled to their own opinion . Try the products for yourself !


Hey all im back!!! Now perfume is something very dear to me! I love smelling nice and thought i would start a blog post where every month i...